THOT ass charger


Awkward moment when you in the bathroom and maintenance comes in…

That’s happened to me so many times lol



But am I struggling…. *ponders*


Happy Easter Everyone!!

looloolalabadibedipompom inquired:

Mmm that drabble was extra extra sexual lol like wow! Good wow tho. Lol I can imagine that actually happening between them sometime in life

Lol it ended up a little more rougher than I planned but I’m glad you liked it!

Anonymous inquired:

Omgg I met onika's mom at her gospel album release party in ny other night I asked her about nic bein married lmao she was like what? Nooo

Lmao!! I keep tellin them!!! OMG I just love Mama Carol, she’s so beautiful, her accent is amazing, she’s so strong, gah!! I just love her!!

Anonymous inquired:

I love you here ^•^ I miss your stories :(

Aw thanks! And fr? I swear I feel like no one gives a shit about them but I’m working on a bunch of stuff

Anonymous inquired:

random: how do you feel about rihanna and drake?


ummm… how to put this…

i don’t think they’d fit as a couple. in my opinion, they don’t look good together. they’re both powerful artists right now (as well as onika), but that’s about it. i just don’t think they’d work well. i don’t know, call it a gut feeling. even if dricki don’t happen, i don’t think that aubrih would work out. they just seem like fuck/turn up buddies, ya feel?