Anonymous inquired:

Why is everyone ignoring you?

I dunno

cyleseminaj inquired:

* checks on dessi *

Aww thank you Cylese


do you ever wonder if anyone reads your blog like everyday just to check on you 

Anonymous inquired:

This Drake and Rihanna shit is starting to get on my last nerves

Lmao it used to annoy the shit outta me but I’m just over it tbh they ain’t even together but the media constantly saying they are together annoys me

Chapter 14



Skylar’s POV

I walked out to the car and heard Dexter coming after me.

“Yo you gotta calm down Sky.”

“Oh so now I’m wrong??”

“She’s wrong for what she did, but you’re wrong for holding it against her. She made a mistake. Okay. You don’t have to bring it up everytime you see her. She…

Anonymous inquired:

when r drake and nic gonna fav something of or about them on ig/twitter nothing since march i cant take it. i have a feeling we will hopefully get something soon, just a feeling i have. U?

I have a feeling he’ll be on the PinkPrint but as for a feeling of badging something nah but I sure hope they do!! I want him to like her pics. I know he sees her natural look 😒

Anonymous inquired:

why is geek ignoring you

Idk I’d ask but she’s either busy or ignoring me

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Butt Naked Nasty or Nah

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Can you make it butt naked nasty or naaah